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zoë circular building gmbh was founded in May 2017 as a non-profit limited company by Thomas Dimov and Astrid Matathia as shareholders. Thomas Dimov is managing director of the Zurich domiciled company.


zoë circular building gmbh / Thomas Dimov is a founding member and member of the executive board of the stroh + paille + paglia association. From 2016 to 2017 he was the member of the IG Lehm association Switzerland and is a member of sia, the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects.

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zoë circular building gmbh cooperates with leading universities, institutions and companies.



Thomas Dimov during a guided tour for architects, politicians and investors in the exhibition Think Earth! at ETH Zurich, November 2017.

Founder and CEO Thomas Dimov

Thomas Dimov is an architect, energy consultant and building biologist as well as a partner and managing director of zoë circular building gmbh. After studying architecture at the ETH Zurich and philosophy, anthropology and art history at the University of Zurich, he graduated in 1996 with Prof. Flora Ruchat as an architect. He then headed the newly founded vorarlberger architektur institut and worked as a project manager for environmental consulting and energy consulting in Lower Austria. He also worked in various architecture firms in Vienna. Since 2010 he has worked as a project manager at GfA Architecture Group, atelier ww and MOKA Architekten. His field of activity included the planning of public buildings, office buildings and residential buildings. In May 2017 Thomas Dimov together with Astrid Matathia founded zoë circular building gmbh.

“Sustainability in construction refers to comprehensive quality. Good design is a product of achieving precisely the programmatic goals, being responsible for the economic, ecologic and social context and being aware of the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the design process.

I have kept alive for many years the ambition to develop a truly sustainable construction system. This led me to a simple and mature product for a wide range of application. Not the technical possible but a truly human and ecofriendly architecture is our goal.”

Where we need your support

Programming and designing: We are looking for volunteers with programming and/or graphic skills to help us with the webpage and with other communication media.

Business development: Do you have knowledge in sustainable financial management, bookkeeping and controlling? We would like to learn from you in a training session.

Sourcing: Do you know of clients that could be interested in realizing a building with zoë, or people we should talk to in this regard? We are looking for support in sourcing.

Inspiration: Do you know of others working on similar projects? We are also interested in projects in other countries outside of Switzerland.

Construction: Would you like to help in the building up of the production site?

Co-founder: Would you like to become a responsible part of one of the most exciting businesses in the world of construction? We are seeking bright talents with entrepreneurial spirit and motivation.