zoë module

Building with natural, untreated and local materials: healthy, sustainable and affordable. This is zoë in a nutshell.

Our prefabricated module for external walls and roofs can be used for construction of up to eight stories. Due to the highly effective jointing of the natural building materials wood, straw and clay, the complex physical and structural requirements can be met elegantly with the zoë solution.
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Construction with zoë guarantees warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, balances moisture levels, binds odors, shields electromagnetic radiation and insulates sound. Interior clay plasters provide for a natural aesthetic effect.
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environmentally friendly
The „gray“ energy required to produce zoë elements is minimal. All materials used in the process can easily be recycled in a natural material cycle. The plant fibers used as thermal insulation absorb and store large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Solar heat and wall heating or cooling can be integrated invisibly.
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The use of favorable raw materials, serial semi-finished products and an innovative manufacturing process mean that a zoë system is not more expensive than conventional construction methods.
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Planning and building with zoë is as simple and logical as the module itself. We have optimized the entire process so that the highest standards of living quality and sustainability no longer contradict profitability.
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zoë’s positive properties can also be expressed quantitatively. Within the framework of a Climate-KIC research project, we simulated and tested the modules with partners from ETH Zurich. zoë is a leader in thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire safety and ecology.
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