straw bale building

Straw bale building on the rise
In the last years a large number of public and private buildings have been realised throughout Europe using different innovative prefab straw bale systems. The following examples show, that the architecture is not limited by the choice of this technology.

Pilot project
A small pavilion has beed built with zero carbon building elements in Zurich. We intend to build a large scale pilot project in autumn 2016.

International examples (see above)
Social housing, St. Dié / F, ASP Architecte
Kindergarten, Ziersdorf / A, AH3 Architekten ZT GmbH
Multi family housing, Therwil / CH, Arch. Degen & Hettenbach
Multi family housing, Dürnten / CH, Arch. Degen & Hettenbach
School and nursery school, Paris-Montreuil / F, Arch. Christian Hackel
Cooperative housing “LILAC”, Leeds-Bramley / UK, Arch. White Design Associates
Hayesfield Girls School Technology College, Bath / UK, Arch. Atkins, Walters & Webster Ltd.
Louise Michel school Issy-les-Moulineaux / F, Arch. Sonia Cortesse, Bernard Dufournet